What do I do as an artist when my Lupus flares up and update on my most amazing shop!

This is a real quick note to let all my subscribers know that I have not abandoned my blog. I’ve had some fatigue due to Lupus. I am starting to feel a lot better. So there is that!

My plan is to show photos of my Christmas living room once it is put together. Things are a bit slow but it is coming together. I have been putting energy into my shops. https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnitaSperoDesign (my Etsy shop) and http://anitasperodesign.com/ . I have beautiful pieces right now that I have created and some recreations.

I did start my canvas art pieces. These are pieces that are alive! What I mean by that is I am using real clothing to make each piece. I am currently working on the second one. The first is called ‘SHE’ https://www.etsy.com/listing/527764452/canvas-painting-art-wall-hanging?ref=shop_home_active_95

I also still plan to keep our ‘recipe ‘ adventures going. That was a lot of fun.

I know that it’s hard to follow a blog that is run by a person who is not consistent. But there may be a good reason. When we feel ill it is important to put the energy into things we know we can really get done. My passion is with my work and family. But I LOVE writing blogs and really want to get back into making You Tube videos. But I need to be real with myself and say “It’s o.k if I need to wait”..I will get there. I never give up and I try very hard not to let Lupus stand in my way. If I want all the things in my plans to work I have to take my time and figure it out carefully.

My life IS really chaotic. The name of my blog fits perfect. I am still going with the schedule that in Feb. I will start my YouTube blog/ vlog again. I love doing the tutorials and have learned better ways of making a video. Watch for updates on those fairly soon. With this blog here I am feeling better . So in the weeks coming I will be adding a lot more content. But I still have to remember to go at a pace that will actually work for me. I want everyone to benefit from a great blog. If I over do it I will get fatigued again. I am always learning new things about my illnesses and ways to work around them.

For now I think I’ve said enough. I really do hope that you continue to follow me. As I learn techniques and ways to work with all that I want to do, more will happen and it will only get better.

Thank you everyone so much,

Let’s make this season beautiful. I am so glad I’m here.

Till next time,

Anita Spero


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