How is my new shop doing?

How is my new shop doing?

FANTASTIC! I have not been able to attach the blog to my shop, we had a few issues with getting onto my blog..BUT IT’S FIXED…LOL

I have been adding the most unique pieces to my new shop. I will always stay with Etsy but my dot com shop will become much larger.  It’s the life of a chaotic artist. I can do many things well, but computers are my “not my thing”. I would rather spent 15 hours knee deep in paint. However, I have had a series of bad luck lately. Almost every item I order to work on, as far as statues, ships to me damaged. And what is always damaged? The head…YES, they come beheaded..I’m starting to think it’s a sign. Not sure what kind of sign..but now I have my very own collection on beheaded who can say that? I look for the unique. Pieces that are hard to find, vintage, antiques or more poplar (which I turn around that give a whole new look to.) But I do think beheaded statues may go to far..unless I get some Vlad loving customers.

I’ve also been giving t shirts a whirl. Right now I have one with my logo and one with a frightening face…with sharp teeth. I did it in charcoal and liked how it looked unfinished. I plan to give my art and art pieces a try. I do have a coffee cup also. is the place you can find them. They are a work in progress. HOWEVER if you purchase a shirt..and they have tons of styles, and send a photo of you wearing it, I do send out 10% off coupon for my Etsy shop. But really I would wait till I do a better job on them.

So what new things am I trying this month? I have been working on a better way to rust my pieces. Something that does not take as long. Months ago I figured out how to make my rust into a paint..It was very time consuming and hard…A lot of swearing and a few tantrums. Now I’m working on a thicker substance. Today I will be working on some pieces that people keep asking for.

For now I will show you a few photos of pieces that just listed in my shop. So I will say goodbye for now. I am going to try really hard to post something here almost everyday, even if it’s a joke. Hey and if I misspell it’s because my mind thinks faster than I type..O.k so here are some few pieces that can be found in my shops. Have a blessed day!

Beautiful ship figurehead, wings, cherubs and an amazing ram…and so much more.more.

I will figure out how to line up photos someday..LOL……………this is hard!!! Love you all!!!



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