New Beach cottage styles. Coastal living ideas. Unique one of a kind pieces for your home.

New Beach cottage styles. Coastal living ideas. Unique one of a kind pieces for your home.



Soooo, WOW! I added a few photos of my beach, coastal home decor. I love what I do, but I always felt there was an area that was missing. Beachy, coastaly, oceany pieces. I wanted to make sure my pieces fit into that beachy themed cottage, but were not overly beachy themed. I wanted to make sure my pieces fit into other style worlds. My beauty queens – ship figureheads are a perfect example of that. They are for sure, no doubt, beach themed. But yet the colors would allow you to fit them into your own style. The pink ladies would be great in a shabby home and the deep gray would fit well into a French farmhouse or Nordic room..Even the sea foam green-blue ladies of the sea would be wonderful in any cottage.

I started my rhinestone covered tail mermaids to bring some bling to that beach look. Your home by the ocean could always use some well made glitz. The hours, days and weeks it takes to piece a tail design together is amazingly fun and a lot of hard work. Who doesn’t love a fish bowl full of sea glass and sea shells…right? But I wanted to take it a step further. Go that extra mile to make fancy of your cottage mantel or starfish covered toilet bowl cover. They are beautiful and a perfect item to pass down. And what a gift these make.

You will see a giant ball of oysters in one shot. I found this ball of interesting sea decorations at a local antique store. I can’t pass up a ball of anything. Artists like balls…Anything that is a sphere shape we are automatically attracted to ‘just call it, one of those weird artist THINGS’. I knew I could make it into something. Now beautiful torn lace, fabrics and tulle hang from it. It reminds me of a jelly fish. Inside the ball are strings of LED lights. I have it hanging from old chain that will rust in no time. Nice night light huh?

My framed mermaids just happened. I made this pretty homemade blend of paint that just had that perfect shabby beach color. I don’t have a name for it let’s call it ‘pretty homemade blend of paint that just had that perfect shabby beach color ‘…a bit long, but hey I made the color so I get to give it the name…I wanted wall pieces that had a very simple look and had to fit with more than a beach look. I think my mermaids are shabby enough for a shabby cottage ..don’t you? They are simple, sweet and always well made.

Now, WOAH…let’s talk about the big dolphin in the room, and I mean literally. This piece is rare. It was a hand carved child’s rocker. The colors had nothing to do with beaches, the ocean……..DOLPHINS! I wanted to make sure this was a “statue”. A piece you would put on a shelf or even right in the middle of your coffee table. I painted it in a soft bluish sea washed color. I love this color, can I just say. It’s a lovely dry chalky color that fits in with babies all the way to mommies and weird artists. To add some much needed maturity I embellished it with rhinestone trim. I even put sparkly tiny starfish in his eyes. A crown was a must. I have been making crowns since my playpen days…so yes he/she needed a crown. What dolphin doesn’t need a crown? So all done. It could fit in a home of any style. It’s a piece that nobody else would have. This would make you extra cool with your neighbors and family members. Think of all the whispers..”OMG, and that dolphin is a one of a kind, I’m like so jealous”

I have more ideas in the works. Creations that would fit well in your beach cottage..but if you change your style my home decor and art will go with the flow and fit well with any changes. Keep watching my shop. Here is a great hint when you are picking out decor and art for your space. Make sure some of your pieces are ‘shabby fusion’. Pick well made pieces that can move from one style to another and can be moved into other rooms and fit in. Those are going to be your stable pieces that you will always have.

Take care everyone. Remember ‘Your home is the first place you see when you wake and the last before closing your eyes. Make it the best place ever.

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