Real violins become art pieces. Questions from customers and my back story on decorating violins.

Real violins become art pieces. Questions from customers and my back story on decorating violins.

I’ve had so many questions about my violins. They are such a huge passion for me. The details are very important and so is the design. I wanted these to feel like a piece of art. Not just home decor. So I knew I would only be using ‘hard’ items. Meaning, I wouldn’t be using fabric or paper flowers. I don’t want them to come across as a ‘decor’ piece alone. I wanted art for your wall. A piece that can be passed down, an heirloom. Each one is completely different from the others. I plan them carefully. And I won’t make one till a really pretty pattern comes into my head. So here are some answers to your questions:
1)Did you play the violin? No, never. When I was young every few years our school would toss out the old violins and funding would pay for new ones. My dad was head custodian, So I was allowed to pick through the music department trash.. At that time I did not have a lot to work with. Not the supplies I have today. I never sold them. In fact I’m not sure where they went.
2) why violins? Actually while picking in the school music dumpster I found the small school style guitars. I was more interested in them. But violins were so pretty..rounded beautiful lines and they were small. But I would decorate anything really.
3) When did you first sell a violin? I sold a few, but not for As a teen I traded things as teens do. I really had no idea I could sell these as art. My first one I sold was years later at a brick and mortar shop. I sold my first one online in 2011.
4) Are you making more? Yes, for sure. I have been collecting so many pretty neat things for some new design styles. It will take some time. Collecting enough pieces for one violin is time consuming.
6) How do you price your pieces? I’m asked this a lot. I price them like any other art piece. It comes down to quality, time and labor. Supply costs. Along with fees, advertising, shipping material etc. But most important, it is what I feel my work is worth? Did I put my whole passion into this piece?
7) Can I duplicate a design? Not really. Each violin is designed from a picture I see in my head. Not only that but many of the pieces are one of a kind..Parts of my violins are vintage and antique pieces. I can paint them a certain color though.
Thanks to everyone who has purchased one of my violins. And a big thank you to those who are curious and have questions. It allows me to tell you about one of my biggest passions.
Anita Spero.

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