Violins! S little story on how I started decorating them.
Decorating violins was something I can honestly say ‘was bound to happen’. The first one I made was years ago. It was natural for me to be so drawn to this particular instrument. The curve and shape is so feminine and they are beautiful art pieces on their own. I LOVE finding the broken ones. Such a whimsical piece should never be thrown out. Even at it’s worst.
The colors are always light. Each one is always different. I love to make the ‘picture’ you see on the front almost appear to dance. I can look at these and hear the music.
After waiting a long time to finally list one, I did. I am not sure why I waited?? Maybe it was trying to find the right way to list it. What to actually call the art piece. But each time I list a new violin art piece I figure out where I could see it fitting. Does it look French Nordic? Is it more shabby? The first one I sold online was in 2011. I was thrilled! It sold very fast. Before that I always sold them privately (custom orders). I no longer make custom violin art pieces.. These are very time consuming. I love to have the control of drawing out what I see and making it into a beautiful piece. I look for violins that need help or beautiful violins I can’t pass up. My favorite are the small violins. This year I have some new ideas I will be adding to some. This will be in a style I have not tried before. I am very excited. I only sell these on Etsy..but soon they will also be sold in my stand alone shop.
I may be adding a few instruments I have done before, but I was not pleased with how they turned out. I can not wait.
Anita Spero.
Anita Spero Design 2017

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