Why do I add a heart, key and cross to my statues? I explain

Why do I add a heart, key and cross to most of my statues?
The reason I add the key and heart is because if you purchase or receive one of my statues from a contest or the ‘pick a birthday once a year’ give away…you will ALWAYS have a key to my heart.
The CROSS. This is not necessarily religious. I have always added the cross to remind people to have faith in something. To have a strong base of beliefs. No matter what they are. It could be faith in family, religion or faith in yourself. Something that gives you drive.
These 3 items are part of my signature. Of course any one of those items can be removed if you don’t want them. But I don’t remove them..they are part of ‘ME” that I want you to have.
So many have asked. So there ya’ go..
Love to all..
Anita Spero.
Anita Spero Design.
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