The forgotten angels. The unexpected beauty.

The forgotten angels. The unexpected beauty.
I just had to put my current Santos angels together and take photos. These are original one of a kind works. I made my first one in 2012. Which sold pretty fast. It took a while to see them again. I noticed these were showing up more and more. They are always damaged or missing pieces. Sort of throw – aways’. I guess they just were not very attractive by many ppl. The first angels I would find were always stuck in a corner at some Estate sale or antique shop. They were dusty, rusty and rarely had their wings. I saw something in them. I fell in love with them. The work someone did to make them. Some I could tell were maybe factory, but MANY of these show signs of being made one at a time…no factory involved. I always go for the vintage and older.
Since then I have made and recreated quite a few. I make each one special. The look and color. I try to give them their own personality. Do I see these as religious? Not necessarily. Many of the customers that buy these from me are not religious. They look at them more for their whimsical, folk art quality. Some see them as more fairy (fae) like. I do try to gear each one to a design style..Shabby or French Nordic and even farmhouse. I don’t believe you need to be of any religion to own one of these. You just need to want unique one of a kind art/ decor in your home. Something nobody else will have. I do truly love these. To go from almost junk to beautiful pieces that won’t end up in a landfill, makes me smile.
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