Sorry for not getting on here for some time. I have been overwhelmed, but now I have a great schedule and updates. AWESOME home decor pieces coming up!

Hey all,

I must give a big ‘sorry’ to all. Recently my daughters boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage. I also went through a small Lupus flare up.


I will be posting here now at least a few times a week. I should have my new schedule for my Youtube channel tutorials etc; and when I will broadcast live you

I am going to be working on a AWESOME piece starting this week. It is a HOT AIR BALLOON CHANDELIER!!!! WOAHHH!!! I am recreating it. The only hint I will give is that it will remind you of floating high in the sky…in a dreamy sky!


My store is currently full of beautiful pieces and I am adding more this week. I’m going for a well rounded shop including Shabby chic, cottage, beach cottage, French Santos, French Nordic, farmhouse styles and more! Many of my pieces blend well with other styles and can be mixed.

Thank you for waiting for me. It does take a bit of work to schedule all these new adventures.

I have a question;

How many would watch if I do live small tutorials on YouNow? I like ‘You now” because you can interact with me and I can guest people who want to come on and talk with me personally.


TAKE CARE! Make it a wonder – filled week.

Try some art in your life!

Anita Spero



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