AWESOME and AMAZING. Better tutorials and conversations. I am linking my YouNow and YouTube…for more interactive fun!

AWESOME and AMAZING. Better tutorials and conversations. I am linking my YouNow and YouTube…for more interactive fun!

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have not blogged. I have had such a busy time setting all my NEW legs to my business up. I decided to wait to blog because I wanted my YouTube and my YouNow to go along with my blogging.

By January I will be going live once a week on YOU NOW! I will use my blog (here) for after talk. Same with my You Tube. I really should have waited to officially open the blog till then.

This is going to be a VERY interactive space for all my customers and friends.

We can come here and talk in detail about my live streams and videos. I can hold MUCH better contests and fund raisers.  This is my YouNow channel. Please read about You Now and how it works. I will add my schedule of my live broadcasts in the next few days. Please subscribe to my You Tube. This will make it easier for you to get involved.

There will be lots of laughs and tutorials. I want to be more engaged with my audience.

In the comment section below, please let me know what you want to hear me speak about. It does not have to be home decor and art. I’m an open book. We can discuss anything. I will set up a night for that topic, go live with it and then also post it on YouTube.

You Now is very simple to use. You can interact with me live or just sit and listen. You can also come in and talk with each other.

What was happening was everyone was giving me thousands of tutorial ideas and things they wanted to know about me. So many were asking for special tutorials. BUT they were coming from all directions- all my social medias. It got very confusing. So now for anything you guys would like to see please comment here or on my You Tube. I will also be inviting guests to come talk with me on my live broadcasts. You are welcome to get on my guest list. It’s a GREAT way for others to advertise their business, fund raisers etc; You can even ask to guess with me just to talk to me about anything.

Some conversations can and will include:

Home decor and art tutorials and Q and A’s

Random talk nights

spooky ghost related stuff

interviews about other businesses online

Coffee clutch nights and days (We will just talk about anything)

News related issues

Gossip…yes gossip!


My You Tube channel will be tutorials big and small and fun funny content. My long tutorials will be about 1 or 2 a month. Those won’t be live.

So please sign on to YouTube and YouNow. It’s very easy, fast and safe. You will enjoy the content that I bring.

Take care everyone.

Leave your ideas below or in my comments on YouTube.

Thanks so much..

See ya’ soon!

Anita Spero




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