My next tutorail the week of 8/9/2016….Give me ideas!!!

I am slowlyyyyyy getting everything together for my next tutorial. It seems the mailman wants to take his time getting my necessary props to me…I need them together to make sure this next tutorial is visually awesome!
So with that said…
If things go blah again what would you like to see this week? I can’t do a tutorial of another kind…It takes time to prepare one.
What else do you want to see?
Give me ideas for in between shows…Would you like to see what is in my tool bag? Or maybe something about my life? Want to see my favorite decor? Should I talk about what I eat?
Please let me know….
I want to bring you all content that you will enjoy. A little time in your day to stop grab something you like to drink and relax.
So give me ideas!!!!
Thank you everyone.
Anita Spero. The Chaotic artist…

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