Raw diet/lifestyle change I will blog this and YouTube this.


So this is what I wrote on facebook….(Sorry for any spelling errors. When I write on FB I don’t really worry about that.

Still staying raw. I will be staying on this life-style change for 5 weeks to 8 more weeks. If I see so change I will go back to a Keto based diet..The one I was on when I started building training years ago.
It will all depend on what the raw diet does to the water retention..From going through the change. I think I may be incorporating all this into my channel..We will see.

I forgot to add a bit of info to this. I will transfer all this info to my blog and or channel.
I am finally doing this change for several reasons and not just for myself. This will be good for anyone to follow who:
1)retains a lot of water
2) generally has problems with weight loss
3) Women going through the change OR very bad periods
And also anyone with immune diseases.
I have Lupus..BUT I have been darn lucky. My doctor believes in treating..mind, body, soul. AND HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN STEROIDS…for immune issues. Only if you are in WAY bad shape.
And he treats me for pain..So a can move. So I CAN have a life and work out. Otherwise I would be in a lot of trouble.

O.k so at the start of this diet everything is going great..
My adrenals, thyroid, heart function, Kidney and liver are all lined up pretty good. I do have retention from: medication, the change and the immune disease.

My goals:
To get rid of water retention.
increase energy
some weight loss and muscle increase.
And to give anyone who wants it…some ideas they can try.
If you want to follow me..try to start with a veggie diet and work yourself to raw. BUT FIRST…Always get checked out by the doc..
I will keep everyone updated as much as I remember tooooooooo!


OK moving forward…Now today is 7/14/2016

I decided to blog what I can and also add it to my YouTube channel once it’s up-along with many other things in my life.

We will still be making fun new recipes every week or so..but I won’t be eating the meat part.

This morning I woke up FEELING AWESOME! I am still fully raw. I may slowly start to add some warm veggies meals for winter..we will see. If the raw diet seems to start to making me feel ill or turns out not to be right for me..I will make changes.

For now I am doing great!

So for the ‘Good eats’ part of my blog we will still have many recipes for all kinds of people…not just raw. I am just going to be giving you guys the truth about this diet.

If you have questions about it, please ask.

Thank you everybody..

Have a great day!

Anita…signing out with a big kiss to you all!


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  • Melinda says:

    Anita.. Your the best! You share information about going RAW and that will help people like myself and others.. I’m so happy I found an amazing, up beat, positive beautiful person such as yourself.. Please continue sharing from your art to your eats..

    • Anita Spero says:

      Aww thank you Melinda! I am very excited to share. I plan to really detail anything hard about it, to what turns out to be easy..
      Thank you..

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