Fireplace update before the completed project. Make use of your fireplace space.

Fireplace update before the completed project. Make use of your fireplace space.

I have been working on my family room and started with the fireplace area.  If you read my blog post, ‘My fireplace mantel in progress’,  you know what I mean. This is still the period of testing and trying things out. I am still looking for some pieces, and as you know it can take some time. But I wanted to show you, my readers, something cool.  I am going to wait to show off the whole area with my upcoming blog of the completed space. But I thought a quick blurb would give some of an idea of what can be done with that wasted space.

I get this question a lot. “Can I put ‘things’ in front of my fireplace? Will it look weird?” This is such a great question. I know the fireplace area can stump some people. I believe we get caught up in rules. It is a place that many just keep empty. It stays the same except for maybe the holiday time frame. Some may put a plant or a few pieces there, but that good space will still stay vacant. I’m not sure what or who started this rule– but it’s not true. For one, your home is your home. If you like something a certain way then it is the right way.

I have decided to use the whole area. It is added space for my family to hang out. A place to sit with my grandchildren and play. It needed to be inviting, soft and a space that we would want to be in. I’m still looking for a few items for the area. I would like something there for sitting on…maybe large pillows.

What I have so far: 1) I found this awesome cream white area rug. It’s very textured, and very soft. I can’t remember the shop. You can look online for rug shops or on Ebay even. Look for ‘damaged’ rugs. You would be surprised at what they consider damaged. This rug was a 430.00 rug, but it has a slight staining to the back so it was around 130.00 including shipping. Nobody even looks at the back. I do know Ebay has many rugs that are reduced because of staining to the back. It is 5′ by 8′ rug and fits perfect. Make sure you measure the space. 2) I found a very large Mary statue. This one is from a local guy. It is a new piece. I painted it and distressed it in very light almost white blue and white. I wanted a very chunky tall statue. She is 38″ tall. I made the crown from broken porcelain flowers. You can make your own crown or add a piece of beautiful lace as a veil. If you’re not into the DIY thing you can look online for a crown, tiara etc. I do sell quite a lot of them, so check out my shop. I can also make you a custom crown. Make sure you message me so I can tell you how to do measurements. 3) A bouquet of very aged papery white roses. I love these roses. They are old and show a lot of age. The leaves are so crinkled they look like real leaves that are dead and drying out. The white roses are fabric- the fabric is very matte and the petals are distressed . I may sell some of them on Etsy soon.  I just tossed them next to Mary. Wherever they landed, that is where they stay.DSC09135DSC09134

4) Behind Mary is an old chippy painted antique headboard. I love the way this wrought iron headboard easily turned the fireplace into something else. It’s always good to have a few of these headboards around. This piece could be used on top of the mantel, if I ever wanted to change the look of the mantel. They can be added to a wall as an added element or put into a garden as a trellis. I draped some beautiful French lace ruffled fabric over it. You can use old dresses, tablecloths or even an old curtain. 5) On each side there are broken cherub statue pieces. I will probably add something to them. I need to just keep staring at them till it comes to me.





O.k well that’s it for now. I won’t be showing any more till I have the room completed or I’m close to completion. Check back as you can. I would love to hear your comments and questions. Remember it is your room. Nothing has to be permanent. Always leave room to grow. Make your space your loved place.


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  • Melinda Ketcher says:

    Anita, I love your fireplace so far. The virgin Mary is just beautiful. I can’t wait to see the end result. I’m sure it will be amazing.. Your right about fireplace rules, It’s our home, so we should make our fireplace the way we wan’t it.

    • Anita Spero says:

      That is for sure! When you think about it..every little nook and corner is your home. I say throw out the rules. Make it your safe place. The warmest place you ever want to be.
      Thank you Melinda!

  • Dianna Delcambre says:

    Thank you, Anita! I LOVE that there shouldn’t be rules. :)! This way, you get to live in every part of your home. Everything I’ve seen you do, is warm, homey, and inviting. I love your tutorials and your blog. It is seldom that an artist as gifted as yourself makes themselves so very approachable. Thank you!! I know that each of your followers, as with myself, holds you in such high esteem.
    God continue blessing you, Anita. All of your loved ones and your many talents. Warmly, Dianna. +++

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