My favorite drink of choice. Don’t touch my BAWLS!

My favorite drink of choice. Don’t touch my BAWLS!

So if you read my post called ‘What Matters’ you will remember that I said I would tell you all about my fave drink of choice?

Well here it is….


Yes, It is called BAWL’s. It is loaded with caffeine. In fact the main ingredient is Guarana (which has more caffeine then coffee).  Before writing me to say, “Please be careful and read more about this drink”, I already have. I have looked it up and really studied this stuff. I will tell you what lead me to love this drink.

Some of you can probably guess that at my young age of 49, I am going through the best part of my life (sarcasm here) – menopause. And gosh it’s fun…………………….Ahem. I have had the common troubles with this amazing part of life. The worst being changes to my skin, weight issues and the best part ‘HOT FLASHES’. So bad at times I want to sleep in my freezer. In fact I may start of series of art pieces revolved around menopause. They say artists typically find their art from some sort of dark pain in their life. I guess this would be mine. Menopause, at times really can make you feel a bit homicidal. A little bit like sitting in a tower with a large paint ball gun, pegging off anyone that appears to be fine in the heat. Or anyone that may say something dumb like, “What a beautiful day it is!” or “hello”.

I really HAD the hot flashes bad. Finding a cure was probably in everyone’s best interest. I mean EVEN my husband got involved with trying to help me find a cure. I am sure many nights he was fearful and somewhat afraid to fall into a deep sleep- probably wondering if he may wake in a frenzy of paint balls being shot at him by a wild eyed, crazed woman screaming “Why did you turn down the air? It’s 32 degrees outside, it’s a frikkin’ heat wave”. I’m so sorry honey, if I have damaged you in any way I will pay for therapy.

Anyway, I have always been a person that works way more than I should. I also suffer from fatigue. So I would run into the gas station and grab a few energy drinks to help with this issue. One day while picking out some cold caffeine enhanced drinks I saw this beautiful blue bottle. Just so amazing in a striking cobalt electric blue. WELL, I had to try it. It’s a cobalt blue bottle…need I say more?

I could not wait to open my new drink in it’s beautifully displayable bottle. I was already thinking of decor ideas for this bottle. But as soon as I took a sip I heard angels. They sang in sweet harmony “YUMMMMMMMM”. The singing never stopped till I finished my new favorite drink BAWLS. After that I went home. That day I felt really good. Not like high on caffeine good, but something I could not pin point. I went back the next day and bought all of them. I made sure to only drink one a day. I wanted to be careful. PLUS I was trying to figure out why I was feeling so good. For about 4 weeks I just felt so good. I could not figure out the change..

About 4 weeks into drinking these the store ran out. They ran out! I literally stood looking at the cashier with sadness, I believe I wept a little. I drove home in a sad trance. I got home, walked in my door and threw a big temper tantrum…I even threw myself on the floor kicking and screaming. I believe I started going through the steps of grief. After a few days I noticed that I did not feel as well. I did not put two and two together yet. I went back about 2 weeks later, crossing my fingers. I walked in a what did I see…a WALL of BAWLS! A WALL of them. And I heard the angels ..YUMMMMMMM, just singin’ away. The cashier saw me and said “Hah I was waiting for you”. I went over and stood at the beautiful wall of cobalt BAWLS. I think I even said “I love you”. Anyway I grabbed a bunch. When I paid for them I heard the cashier say something that made the room feel dark and dreaded. Was I hearing him right? Was it really happening? “This drink won’t be in stores much longer, it is just a promo”. I looked at him and said “Why would you do that to me? I don’t understand, I have been so faithful to you…” So I paid for my blue drinks and drove home. They were put away delicately. Anything of true value should be carefully guarded. After setting up several traps and trip wires around my BAWLS I felt satisfied. Now the quest was on. I had to round up as many of these as possible before the hateful world took them away.

I had a good stash for a while. Slowly but surely I had to deal with the fact I would never see my blue wonders again…and that day came.


After a few months of the grieving process I was ready to live life again. Maybe shower and meet new people. I came out from hiding and went on with life.


We were in Caputo’s grocery store. We were paying for our goods. I could see out of the corner of my eye….a cobalt blue bottle. Was I seeing things? Had my mind turned on me? I slowly walked over to the cooler. And there it was- MY BAWLS! The beautiful cobalt blue bottle of happy town. I bought almost all of them. I left a few because if anyone saw me take all of them they may catch on to their value. HAH, I’m no fool.

My prize was back. But I was guarded. Why WERE they back? Was someone playing a mean game on me? So I got home with my drinks and safely hid them away. Making note to go the next day and purchase a safe for these items.

Now there was the job of researching this phenomena. I got online and as soon as I put in the word BAWLS an OFFICIAL site came up…OMG. OMG…OMG>…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I read about how they were made and why. I learned that they can be purchased online and SELECT stores. There were other flavors also. Then I saw an alarming warning on them about the heavy caffeine amount. This can’t be good! This is going to ruin everything…

I knew very little about Guarana. So it was time to investigate. Of course I wanted to find a sign that read” Anita these are completely safe. You don’t have to worry”. But I just kept finding issues about the caffeine content. I got to another MD site…now feeling a bit hopeless. Was I going to have to give up on my BLUE BAWLS? Was this it? I had noticed that I felt good drinking them. I did not feel it was the caffeine. Maybe I was fooling myself.  But then I read the top statement. Guarana has helped many women with symptoms and problems with MENOPAUSE. Some claim it had helped their mood and HOT FLASHES! YES! That was it. That was what I was feeling. The lack of hot flashes. I was getting between 3 to 5 horrible hot flashes a day. Now I figured it out. I WAS feeling better and it wasn’t just the caffeine rush.


OK so where am I with my beautiful blue glass bottles of yum now? I am learning through experimenting how to get the benefits from these drinks. The taste is very good. It’s not a strong flavor. It doesn’t taste like cough medicine like some others. It’s a very light taste. Everyone seems to explain it differently. I think it tastes like a subtle cream soda mixed with a hint of a floral plant. It’s not strong. The cherry is also good and taste like, well-cherry.

Some days I over do it and others I’m close to the perfect amount. In my opinion (I’m not a doctor so this is my opinion for myself) I think I’m safe drinking these. But like anything , nothing in excess is good. I’m still looking for the perfect amount to combat low energy while being able to enjoy this beverage. I am getting definite great results as far as hot flashes and a little weight loss. I have not had a hot flash in days, in weeks. NONE!

If you are interested in checking these out, why not? But I would ask your doctor about them and get some advice. If you are also in that AWESOME stage of life called menopause..Give one a try. I would start with a very small amount, if you are not a caffeine drinker. If you suck down coffee like it literally keeps you alive, like me- just kind of experiment. I’m telling you. I had the most severe flashes. They were bad enough to slow down my business and literally take some joy out of my life. They scared my husband, children and animals. Thank God I’m not the president. The hot flashes were so bad I probably would have picked up the red phone and said “just do it”….As I’m typing this I am drinking my BAWLS. Today I plan to try one now, then half of one at about 6 and finish it at midnight. I have a lot of work to do and expect to by up till about 3am.

So there is my story about my BLUE BAWLS. I hope it can help someone out there. Stop scaring your family and give it a try.




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  • Melinda says:

    OMG!! Anita, I have really bad “hot flashes”!!!! I cannot believe what I just read… I can relate 100% .. Especially when you speak of the paint ball gun and your hubby and turning down the air!!! This article made me laugh so hard! I have had really bad hat flashes For 16 years!!!!😔 I’m going to try to find this drink.. Also I must say I am happy I am not the president because I know I would have already picked up the red phone, lol, just do it!!! This article made my day!! Thank you for this article.. I can always count on you for giving me something magical.. Love&flight my friend. Melinda. P.S. I drink coffee as if, well, let’s just say I probably pay Tim Hortons electric Bill each month!!

    • Anita Spero says:

      So far these drinks are keeping me in my right mind. I have not thought about running for president for the wrong reasons.
      Thanks for commenting Melinda!

  • marylou says:

    Hey Anita…I would love to leave you a perfectly charming comment but I am grabbing my baseball hat, bed hair, sunglasses, no makeup and car keys going to search for Bawls………wish me luck and thanks for the heads up…..**smiles** ML

    • Anita Spero says:

      Hope you found some. I am happy to report I am still hot flash free and no longer feel the urge to do away with certain people- such as, everyone.

  • Jill SS says:

    Lol I read Marylou’s comment as “grabbing my baseball BAT”…I thought, geez…her hot flashes must be brutal! I’m gonna stay out of her way if I see her at the store! Hahaha! Good luck, ML. I am hot flash free finally! They do subside and gradually vanish.

  • Keri says:

    “Or anyone that may say something dumb like, “What a beautiful day it is!” or “hello”.” So funny!!!!

  • BlancaSmall says:

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    • Anita Spero says:

      I have TONS of duplicated content. I’ve been online for ten years. It’s going to happen. Just on Pinterest alone my photos show up more than 60 thousand times. I
      m doing very well, but thank you…

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