Making a flower rope garland

Making a flower rope garland

Tools and materials:
Wire cutters
Glue gun and glue sticks
Pretty ribbon, 1-2″ wide
Flower heads-silk, dried, or paper

First you’ll need to gather a bunch of flower heads. You can buy them all new, or salvage then from various projects. Now it’s up to you. You can color-coordinate your flowers, or make a pattern you like. I prefer to mix them. I think it gives a more Spring-like look to mix it up.


Take your time and glue the flowers in place as you like. You’ll want them close together as you don’t want to have too much ribbon showing. Hold it up once in a while as you go and see if you like how it’s turning out.

They look so Springy and easy going! They can be draped on mantles, mirrors, or frames. Use them as curtain tie backs or even glue them onto lampshades.

You’ll be surprised how these pretty flower ropes uplift your senses and remind you Spring is around the corner!



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  • Judy Pimperl says:

    This is a gorgeous way to bring spring to a vignette. Thanks for sharing the “how to” with us… I think I might use your idea as an element in my next antique show booth! I will share a pic if it comes together. My blog is on my website at

    • Anita Spero says:

      Thank you for coming over…
      That is a great idea! Do come and share…And for sure we will be checking out your blog!
      Thank you for sharing.

  • marylou says:

    Not used to so much color with your items but you hit a home run again!!! Reminds me of May Day, back in the day schools would celebrate using poles and gorgeous flowers, then dance, very bohemian and very chic Anita…always a pleasure to stop by, finally a blog I can enjoy and want to interact with…**smiles**

    • Anita Spero says:

      I am so glad. Interaction is what I want here the most. I LOVE hearing others ideas and stories..
      Thank you

  • Anita Spero says:

    Thank you so much. I am very excited to share much much more. I will be sharing here and a YouTube channel which starts any day now. The camera work and a few things have slowed me down a bit. But FINALLY I have a flow going and I’m almost ready!
    Thank you for the comment…

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