Tonight is the Beginning

Right now, at this very moment, I’m so excited I’m starting my blog!

Boy, did I get ready. I cleared my special spot in the den, made a fantastic cup of coffee, and grabbed my favorite chaser drink, Bawls. (If you don’t know what Bawls is, you will know by the end of my first blog.)

I have my favorite background noise going. No, not the birdies tweeting outside or the sound of Enya on YouTube, but Netflix. Just about anything on Netflix.  Good solid background noise- boots off, feet up, and pen in hand.

So, OK, being excited about starting a blog is obviously common. Anyone starting a blog isn’t going to be saying “Aww, man, gotta start that blog thing. Bummer.”

If you’re starting a blog it’s because you’re excited to share something that is important to you.

Maybe you feel you’ve arrived. You’re so good at something that you have to spread the word.
Maybe your life has just bored the pants off you and you need to add something to the mix.
Good for you, that’s healthy.

For me, it has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It was a little itch; the itch to show my art and decor, to spread what I thought was beautiful and cool.
So I started a blog some time ago, and did exactly what I thought I wanted to blog about. I also thought it was the kind of blog people wanted from me.

Very quickly, I hated it. I was bored and it didn’t feel real. I found myself spending less and less time on it, and really found no joy in doing it. I realized as I was writing my last blog, you know, in one of those “light bulb moments”, that I kept drifting off topic. The rule had been to stay on topic, being about decor of some kind. So I would delete the “off topic” part, and get back to the business at hand. Blah!

That’s when the itch became a full blown “OMG! I have chicken pox!” kind of itch.

I wanted a blog to be about everything, sort of A.D.D., like myself. A place where people could come and hopefully identify with something I write. To share my experiences, hopes, and dreams. Things I’m curious about, and of course, my love for mixing decor. So I guess this blog isn’t just a fusion of decorating- it’s a fusion of my life.
Let’s do it!

*My first blog is under “Experiences/Daily Life of the Chaotic Artist”. Head over there, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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