Welcome to the world of fusion style and my chaotic life!

Welcome to the world of fusion style and my chaotic life!

I finally made it! I’ve only been talking about starting a blog for months and months and more months. The old blog I had wasn’t really “me”. It was never “me”.  There’s so much more to my designs, ideas, and styles and a lot more to the artistic chaos that swirls around in my head daily.

So here I am. This is me. I welcome you with open arms to walk with me and see how I view this world through my thoughts and stories. I will show you photos of my new pieces, that you can find in my store along with images of what I believe makes the world beautiful, ugly, real and sometimes strange. I want to share art and decor ideas and sometimes a tutorial or a great design secret with you. There is so much I want you to learn about me and from time to time maybe I will get a chance to learn about you.



Everything is magical. Anything can be transformed. Your home is no exception. What do you want your home to convey? Are you calm? Or are you LOUD……Is an eclectic palace what you dream about? Your home is what you see when you awake, and the last place you see before you shut your eyes to sleep. It should make you feel good. It should be that one place in life that you always want to be. Anita C. Spero


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